104th Jamboree – Sat 16th June 2018

Our next event is our annual 104th Jamboree at the Scout Hall on South Trinity Road.

The 104th Jamboree (known formerly as our Strictly Scouting event) is a fantastic evening of proper scouting fun, with activities like:

  • Egg-in-a-bag cook skills
  • Build a fire
  • Knot tying challenges
  • Cooking bread twists on a fire
  • First Aid
  • Make a camp gadget
  • And much more…

We’ll have a barbecue, bar, songs and stories round the fire, and then camp out on the grass under the stars.

Date: Saturday 16th June 2018

Time: From 4pm on Saturday to 9am on Sunday

Entry: £10 for family of 4, £3 per individual

Camping: £10 pitch, £10 tent hire

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